Focusrite ISA 430 mkII fully Parametric EQ, Compressor, Expander, Gate
Audient BB4 with Black series Preamp, Black series EQ, Black series Compressor
Joemeek VC3 Vintage Optical Compressor and Enhancer
Sony DSR-M7 Modulation processor
Sony DSR-F7 Filter processor
Ensoniq DP/4 Vintage 4 channel Multi-FX Processor
Korg A1 Vintage Effects Processor
Lexicon MPX-1 Reverb and Multi-FX Processor
Korg A2 with Synth card Vintage Effects Processor
Alesis Quadraverb 2 Classic Reverb - Multi-FX Processor
Roland SDE330 Digital Delay Processor
Boss SX700 Multi-FX Processor (x2)
Behringer V-Verb Reverb processor (x2)
Focusrite Compounder Stereo Compressor, Limiter, Expander, Gate, Bass Expander Processor
Alesis 3630 Stereo Compressor/Limiter with Gate
Aural Exciter with Big Bottom Processor
Behringer Exciter
Alesis Midiverb 4 Multi-FX Processor
Zoom 9000 Vintage Multi-FX Processor
Zoom 1201 Cult Multi-FX Processor
Digitech Genesis 3 Multi-FX and Amp-Simulator Processor
Behringer V-AMP2 Multi-FX and Amp-Simulator Processor
Korg KAOSS Pad Effects Processor with Controller
Art Pro VLA Stereo Optical Tube Compressor
Art Pro VLA II Stereo Tube Vactrol-based Compressor/Leveling Amplifier upgraded with NOS Telefunken Tubes

Korg Pandora Multi-FX Processor
EHX Worm Modulation FX
EHX Holy Grail Reverb
Yamaha MY Multiband Distortion
Digitech Distortion
Boss Overdrive Pedal
Boss Flanger
Digitech Harmonizer
Digitech Synth/Wah Processor
Phase 90 pedal
Behringer Tremolo pedal
Behringer Vibrato pedal
Yamaha MY Flanger pedal
Yamaha MY Phaser pedal
Behringer Echo machine EM600 Multi-Delay Processor
Boss Fender FDR-1 Fender 1965-era Deluxe Reverb with Vibrato COSM Technology
Boss FBM-1 Fender '59 Bassman Pedal COSM Technology
Boss FDR-1 Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb COSM Technology
Boss OC-3 Octaver
Boss PH-3 Phaser


APS AEON Mastering-Grade Studio Monitors
Avantone MixCube
Samson Rubicon 6a Active Studio Monitors
Soundcraft Absolute 2 Passive Studio Monitors
Samson 170 Power Amplifier
Behringer 2031A Active Studio Monitors
Sony MDR-7609 Studio Reference Headphones
Philips Studio Reference Headphones
Superlux HD-662F Studio Headphones
Sony Studio Reference Headphones
Silver Audio Reference Headphones
AKG In-ear heaphones
Apple iPhone 5/iPod ear-buds
Android smartphone speaker (reference)
iPad 3 speaker (reference)
iPhone dock station speakers (reference)
Sony Hi-Fi Speakers
JVC Power Amplifier
Hong-Kong Power Computer Speakers
Audient Stereo Studio Speakers
PowerTec 2.1 Computer Speakers with Subwoofer
Logitech X-230 2.1 Speakers
Cambridge Surround Speakers
Sweex Single Driver Stereo Speakers
X-mini II portable capsule mono speaker
Supersound passive mono speaker (AM radio reference)
Aiwa BoomBox
Aukland Boombox
Aiwa Stereo System with separate speakers
Sony Reference speakers and stereo system


Yamaha O3D Digital Mixer with ADAT card
Behringer DDX3216 Digital Mixer with ADAT card (x2)
Mackie 1602 Onyx Mixer with Onyx Preamps
Mackie 1402 VLZ Mixer with VLZ preamps
SoundCraft EPM6 Mixer with GB30 preamps
Alesis Multimix 8 USB Mixer with built-in FX processor (original)

Mackie Control Pro +2 expanders 24 channel DAW controller
Mackie C4 Commander Control Surface
Custom 24channel Mackie Control compatible controllers
Behringer BCR2000 Controller


Yamaha TX81z
Yamaha TX7
Supernova II
Creamware Minimax
Yamaha Motif ES6 with Full RAM for sampling
Roland D-50
Roland XV5080 with World expansion, Orchestra expansion cards
Roland JV1080 with Vintage Synth expansion card
Waldorf XTK
Nord Lead 3
Ensoniq Fizmo
Ensoniq TS10
Roland V-Synth
Alesis ION
Yamaha SY77
Korg M1
Echo Tiger
Korg N1R
Evolution EVS-1
Yamaha TG55
Waldorf Micro Q
Yamaha FS1r
Korg Prophecy
Roland Juno 60
Roland JD800
Kawai K5000S
Korg Poly61
Casio CZ-1
Roland JP8000
Korg Trinity
AKAI Vintage synth
CreamWare Pro12
Alesis SR16
Emu Vintage Pro
Access Virus KC
Korg MicroKorg
Waldorf Blofeld
Casio VZ-10M
Bontempi auto-accompaniment keyboard
Casio MT-210 auto-accompaniment keyboard


Kenwood Double Cassette Recorder
Aiwa Stereo VHS Recorder
Sansui VHS recorder / DVD deck
Emagic AMT-8 (x3)
Focusrite ISA 430mkII Producer Pack DI
Audient Black Pre DI
Radial JDI Duplex Stereo Jensen transformer-equipped DI
Radial Pro-DI Active DI
Groove Tubes The Brick DI
Alphaton S-50 German Passive DI
M-Audio DMP-3 Stereo DI
Joeemeek VC3 Instrument DI
ART Tube MP Stereo DI (x3)
JVC TurnTable
48-in Patchbays (x6)
Reflexion Filter Pro (x2)
Miles upon miles of Belden, Klotz, Mogami looms and cables...


ProTools 10 Suite
Cubase Suite
Logic Pro Suite
Dell 690 Workstation with Dual XEON X5365 3.0GHz 8M Cache, 1333 MHz FSB CPU, 4 Hard Drives, 32 GB of RAM, dual 27-inch monitors
Dual 2.0Ghz G5 Mac desktop computer with 4 NEC monitors
Various Mac and PC laptops/notebooks

Novation Remote 61 SLII
Miditech 32key controller

Universal Audio UAD cards with all plugins
Focusrite LiquidMix
Waves 9 plugins (full suite)
SSL native (full suite)
Oxford plugins (full suite)
SoundToys (full suite)
Softube plugins (full suite)

U-he Zebra 2.1
Stylus RMX
Sylenth 1
UVI Ultra Focus
Native Instruments FM7
Native Instruments FM8
Native Instruments Massive
Native Instruments Kontakt

Audient Black series 192Khz/24bit ADC (Analog to Digital converter)
RME FireFace 400 Firewire Audio Interface
Motu 2408 Audio Interface with 324 PCI card (24inputs/outputs in Analog, ADAT, TDIF)
Motu 828 mkII Firewire
Motu 828 mkII USB
Emu 0404 USB
Akai MPD24
Shuttle Pro


Focusrite ISA 430 mkII Top-of-the-range Preamp and Recording Channel
Audient BB4 with 4 slot processors: Black series Preamp, Black series EQ, Black series Compressor, 192Khz/24bit ADC
Groove Tubes Brick Tube Preamp and DI
Mackie Onyx preamps (x8)
Joemeek VC3
M-Audio DMP-3 Stereo Preamp and DI
ART Tube MP (x2) Tube Preamp and DI

Rode NT2 (Original) Made in Australia
AKG 451B
SE 2200A
T-Bone Ribbon mic RB100
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
SONY Dynamic Mic (Vintage)
Behringer C3


EMU E4 Platinum with RFX32 FX card, ADAT card, Full RAM, Hard Disk, multi-output card
Akai S5000 Stereo Sampler with EB16 FX card, Full RAM, USB card
Roland S50 Vintage 12bit Sampler with Philips monitor
Korg ESX-1 Sampler/Drum machine
Yamaha Motif ES6 Sampler Engine
Ensoniq ASR-X Vintage Sampler with Full RAM, SCSI card, multi output card, Urban card
Yamaha A4000 Sampler with Full RAM, Hard Disk, SCSI CD-ROM, Internal ATAPI Zip Drive
Yamaha TX16W 12bit 50Khz Vintage Sampler
Roland S550 Vintage 12bit Sampler
Roland S750 Vintage Sampler
Casio SK-1 Vintage Cult Sampler
External SCSI dual-case CD-ROM
ZIP SCSI drives (x2)