How to prepare your music for mixing & mastering

In order to make a great mix of your song, George-T needs all of your song’s tracks separated as audio tracks, dry from any effects, eq, compression etc.

In case some of your tracks contain a very important effect that gives it a very characteristic sound (e.g. a filter, or distortion effect etc.) then please send us the effected track along with all the dry tracks.

Please make sure all your tracks start at the same point (eg on the arrangement window of your DAW so they will correctly align when the mix process will start.

Below you can find some step by step instructions for a few of the most popular DAWs.

Prepare your song for mixing-General guidelines for all DAWs

Garage Band: how to export all tracks as audio

Logic Pro & Logic -X: How to prepare your song for Mixing & Mastering guide

More DAW guides coming soon!…